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Keuka College

Keuka College design students can learn technical skills via a college degree, online classes, or a certificate program. The US Department of Labor reports that web page designers earn a median salary of $52,400 a year, while freelance designers earn $67,000 yearly. The main challenge in getting your degree is to choose a career path that you will enjoy, and can pursue for many years. Job salary data may be found on this website, and you should begin researching companies that you are interested in while still a student. During a job interview, employers will test you thoroughly to see if you're prepared to contribute, or if you'll need more job training at their company's expense.

Major Degree Program

The college degree majors with the best starting-salaries after graduation include physics, economics, and engineering majors. Mark Zuckerberg, a college drop-out, is the world's youngest self-made billionaire. Just a moment now, this doesn't mean you can drop out, it means that you should learn how to build your own e-Commerce website, a topic we cover in-depth on the top and left menus, right here at College Inspector. Harvard, UC Berkeley, and UT Austin have opened up free online courses for anyone brave enough to tackle the material. Several famous universities, like Stanford and MIT in their Open Courseware department, and Harvard via the Open Learning Initiative, now offer free online courses. Pursue your career interests and your earnings will increase naturally as you gain business experience. If you focus your degree choice on salary alone, there is the risk that you may suffer burnout and be forced to change careers later on.

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Keuka College Athletics Program

Keuka College athleticsIn order to stay on track with your ability to get recruited, it's a good idea to make sure you keep working out through the summer. If you are thinking about playing college sports, attend a summer sports camp on the college campus, if it is offered. Coaching staff gets a chance to see the athletes play in a game, even if in practcie scrimmages, and students can check out the feel of the campus. Keuka College athletics program may include football, baseball, and other sports. You can compete either at intercollegiate levels for competitive sports, or simply play intramural sports for fun and exercise. Intercollegiate Athletics Program information listed below, where available.

Student Programs

There are evening or weekend classes available, for students who are working full-time, or otherwise unable to attend regular college classes. Your classmates often will have real-world job experience, so evening classes can lead to career networking. You may work part-time while a student via the work-study program, to earn extra income while attending a college degree program. This will reduce your total student debt, and give you valuable job experience at the same time. The career placement office can match new college graduates with job opportunities from companies recruiting on-campus. Be prepared with a professional resume and business clothing, to make a great impression at job interviews. If you cannot attend classes in person, Keuka College offers a distance education program. You can study online, and complete degree courses using online videos and interactive tests. If you have the resources and language skills to live in another country, you can enrich your education via the study-abroad option. Please contact the overseas education department for more information. Campus living and academic learning come together at Keuka College. Extra-curricular programs include student clubs, live concerts, cultural performances, guest speakers, and intramural athletics. By joining a student organization on campus, you not only enrich your own college experience, but add to the community of your fellow students as well. If you are interested in any of the following student groups, by all means join up, and if there is no chapter yet at your school, be the first to start one.
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There are rental resources online like to help you find housing on or near campus. On, more apartments are listed near the beginning of each month. Some apartment listings may be available immediately, or you may have to wait till the following month to move in. Watch out for scams, though, and be sure to visit the apartment on your own. Ask other tenants who live there for the name and phone number of the building manager. Never give a cash deposit in advance, and be aware that just because someone has a key to an apartment doesn't necessarily mean they live there, or are allowed to sublet the apartment.

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Keuka College Contact Information

Please visit the official website of Keuka College, to review admission requirements, locate the admissions office mailing address, or to get additional information on Keuka College online degree programs.

Keuka College Map

Keuka College Map
141 Central Avenue
Keuka Park, NY 14478
Phone: (315) 279-5000

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